Challenging yourself results in big learnings

I like to challenge myself, even if it make me feel afraid, it doesn’t scare me. I always learn more about me.

Do something big or different in life, it just requires courage, passion and desire.

I have a list “things to do once in life”, and recently I checked a topic in it.

It was an experience: a scuba diving.

I would describe this experience in three moments:

Before I go: expectations and enthusiasm. “It will be easy and fun” — I thought.

At first moment, I understand that it will be everything, except easy. I almost gave up. I tryed to be under water and breath, it felt very strange. I was not alone but I was with a stranger, a stranger that I was trusting my life. He encouraged me to moving on, He was really angry.

I tryed again, praying to succeed and… suprised myself: I did. Only 2min passed and I was feeling like a fish, how could I?

I enjoyed all that experience so expected by me and now I want more.

The last moment was the end, of course. Going back to the surface and remembering how difficult it seemed… I almost lost.

It made me think how we can be flexible and adaptable more than we think we are, we just have to want or ask ourselves why not?

Yes, I believe we have to permit each other and try find happy and to feel alive.

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