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I wrote my response and then read what other people wrote. Most people have bought into the Liberal attacks on the South. And, they repeat the same liberal sound bites broadcast on TV and in the newspapers. I am sure that Northern Aggression at that time is the same as it is today. That is, there is still a sense that we are all just a bunch of redneck hayseeds. It is obvious why we wanted out of the Union. By the way, you people using the “treason” word are idiots. If we were treasonous during the War between the States, then we were treasonous when we left British rule. Secession and treason are two different terms. Please look them up in a dictionary.

The reason many are adverse to the Conf Battle Flag is that they bought into the attacks from the Left. The NAACP attacks the flag in retaliation to their ancestors being slaves. Never mind that their ancestors sold them into slavery. Also, you Yankees don’t need to feel sanctimonious when slaves were brought here in chains in ships’ galleys by Slave traders from Connecticut, Rhode Is, Delaware, Massachusetts and New York. So, if the Conf Battle flag goes, then I can assure you that the stars and stripes will be next. The stars and stripes flew over a slave nation from 1776 to 1865 when slavery officially ended due to the amendment.. Also, lets remove Lincoln’s monument and he should not be on our currency. Have any of you ever Googled what Lincoln said about Africans? He was a bona fide racist through and through. So, if you start removing certain flags/monuments, I can guarantee that other flags and monuments will be removed, too. Pretty soon, we will not have a history prior to 1965.

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