Why the Fast Lane is Fast

Concern for the environment was not my first reason for getting an electric car. My red Leaf S is the token that gets me into the HOV lane. The HOV lane gets me home in about the half time it took when I was just another climate criminal, driving solo on an eight lane highway. The far-to-the-left HOV lane is not the FAST LANE we all grew up zooming in and out of, it’s not fast because of testosterone and 8 cylinders under the hood. Au contraire. The new fast lane is the preserve of car-poolers and EV drivers and it’s fast based on virtues of moderation, cooperation and mindfulness. The people who get to travel there are more Road Thinkers than Road Warriors. And that makes them better drivers who have fewer accidents than the chronic texters and lead foots who honk and lurch all the way home.

It’s faster because it’s safer.

The reprieve from eco-guilt feels great, too, even if it is a secondary benefit.

Try mentioning that in real or cyber-public, though, and Eeyore’s grown up disciples instantly start talking about the coal or the nukes that still fuel the production of electricity in lots of places. Ha! You shallow fool, you thought you were doing the right thing, didn’t you? I have to assume they’re motivated more by a personal addiction to gloom than influenced by the well-funded propaganda of the Corporate Extractionist class.

Among us bumbling, self-serving optimists, one thing leads to another.

A faster commute leads to reduced emissions, lower fuel bills and elevated self-esteem.

That leads pretty much directly to putting solar panels on the roof of the house. What better way to produce the electricity to charge the car?

Solar panels on my roof won’t put Exxon Mobil out of business, but they will be one more tiny, tardy step on the way to a planet that may yet last long enough for my unborn grand-children to walk upon it.

I’m happy to drive among the shallow fools for that.

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