Living with Fybromialga and other invisible illnes,s i am finding it a struggle being passed to one specialist to another,not one seems to have a clue i think we are all guinea pigs i am now 64 years old throuout my life i have had one illness after another ,i have never been able to work full time as i never new from day to day how i would be health wise .I sometimes wonder how i have brought up 4 children and one i lost ,iknew my mum had always been unwell all her life but never really knew what she had,apart from ankleosis spondylitis, she was told she wouldnot have any children but she had 4 children and also lost one child.she was told her spine was turning to chalk and she would end up in a wheelchair. My Father was also ill withbreathing problems and had a child i had bad growing pains and eating problems and Fybrocitis.always on lucasade for energy and minadex to build me up.Then at 15 years old had a bad accident in the mill nearly loosing my fore finger and damage to rest of my hand.i still was struggling with stomach problems and arthritis. Never seemed to get any better so had to plod on up and down with weight problems. Year after year went by,into my twenty years then 30 years at 33 i had my gall bladder removed causing even more stomach and bowel problems.leading to not being able to eat most anything without keeping of the got so bad i wint down to under 6 stone.after specialist and dieticians then had to go wheat free and dairy free then a low fodmap diet avoiding lots of different foods .it took nearly 30 years for them to realise when i had my gallbladder removed i should have been given medication to keep down bile acid which it meant really bad reflux andreally bad runs to the loo not dareing to go out so not wanting a toilet all the time. I have had to learn just try try and try to get on with life

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