Carnegie Mellon University has an incredible community of scholars — scientists and artists, builders and theorists, historians and futurists, and many more in-between — who push boundaries of…

What I want to do with this project, and how I started.

On November 11, 2017, I finally met Shaotian, the first wonderful human featured in my research / documentary series that focuses on the lives of Chinese art students studying in the US.

Shaotian practicing lines in his Neutral American Speech lesson.

Playground is the annual student work festival at Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to present a piece this year, on December 8th. In this article, I will be documenting my process all the way from initial concept development to the final run.


When I applied for Playground in September, I wanted to create a documentary theater piece where Chinese international students are brought on stage and recreate the scenario of applying for US visa at the embassy, through a series of monologues. My goal was to authentically tell the stories of one…

Joyce Wang 王心怡

haello. 胆小社畜.

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