”Translations” — A Theatrical Performance Dealing with the Gains and Losses in Translation

Playground is the annual student work festival at Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to present a piece this year, on December 8th. In this article, I will be documenting my process all the way from initial concept development to the final run.



Other thoughts

Process doc 11/8/2017 — Interviews

Process doc 11/8/2017— Design

Process doc 11/15/2017 — Interview Reflection

Process doc 11/18/2017–10 methods of translation

Process doc 11/19/2017 — First meeting

Process doc 11/24/2017 — Research + Inspirations

So We Put Goldfish in The Pool

Process doc 12/02/2017 — Conversation with Cam

Process doc 12/03/2017 — Pre-First rehearsal

Process doc 12/03/2017 — First rehearsal

Process doc 12/05/2017 — Rehearsals and more convo with Shao

Process doc 12/15/2017 — Post rehearsal


haello. 胆小社畜. joycewang.me

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