Doctor as Designer

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH Patient-centered Design Thinking Evangelist and Social Media/Technology Enthusiast

We No Longer Live in the 1990s

Social media, Google, and the Internet ARE Medical Therapy

I have to thank my colleague @SusannahFox for alerting me to this on…

Cards for Health Design

Prototyping Tools for Health Innovation and Clinical Care

Designers understand the value of cards for facilitating and inspiring the…

Parenting in the Age of Social Media

Our children live in a new day and age

B’s Question to Me:

Healthcare Provider: Think Like a Designer!

Goal-Directed Design in Healthcare

I take care of children with type 1 diabetes in my clinic, and in comparison with…

A Design Thinking Problem Every 15 Minutes

The Privilege of a being a Healthcare Stakeholder

I saw this post from @lennynaar who is a design strategist at…

A Language of Design for Healthcare: Part #1

Low Lego Literacy

A Language of Design for Healthcare

My New Year’s #Lifehacks

Here’s to a New Year of Productivity in 2015!

I fondly remember the Apple IIe that I used to write my papers on back in high school. The…

Pharmacy or Healthcare Delivery System?

The Rise of Retail Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare watch out, the very definition of who delivers healthcare is…

The Rise of the Retail Clinic

Healthcare Nemesis or Effective Design Solution?

Close to one quarter of parents report using retail clinics for…

#healthdesignviz No. 10

Differences between Patient-Driven and Healthcare-Driven Innovation

Healthcare-Driven “Shiny” Innovation

The Future of Diabetes Technology Innovation

Nightscout Project at DTM 2014!

I had the great privilege of spending time with John Costik, Adrien de Croy, and…