From Doctor to Design Thinker

My Presentation from the 2013 Cusp Conference 

I am really excited to join Medium to reach out to a larger online community! My previous blog was at I am planning to reprise previous posts from that site here. Here’s the first one, originally posted on Sept 27th, 2013.
What can I say, I love to start every post with a tweet!

I posted my slides (adapted for the web) from a talk that I gave at the 2013 Cusp Conference. Cusp is a conference about the design of everything. I was so honored to present at this event given the caliber of speakers in the line-up (just to name a few, Nathan Sawaya, a famous LEGO artist, a sword swallower, and Gary Slutkin from CureViolence). It literally was the most amazing conference I have ever attended in my life! My talk was about my personal journey from medical doctor to medical “designer” and why I think it is so critical for us as medical professionals to become design thinkers. Thank you to Dave Mason and the folks at Multiple for an incredible and unforgettable experience!

P.S. Video is now up too!