Participatory Design and the Making of Health

TEDx Detroit 2014

I just had the opportunity to speak at TEDx Detroit which was an amazing experience! Here are my slides of the talk, which chronicle my journey from doctor to designer and the amazing community that has formed around!

My recap of the event here via tweets of course is below. The event was incredibly inspiring!

Great inspiration from Charlie Wollberg, organizer of the event.

Hmm, how might we do this for

Technology is not necessarily a bad thing.

Thing bigger than individual apps!

The user always comes first! Check out the story of Blake here.

Play to learn!

Empower kids to become creators!

Play with lots of things! Become a Maker!

Hmm, how might we create something like this for health?

Hmm, applications of this big traffic light for the hospital? Warnings about medical errors?

I love this project! How might we apply this to health and health education?

The work of Shakespeare in Detroit is amazing and inspiring!

Check out the amazing work of Devita Davison who is clear about the fact that this image below is NOT Detroit.

The Accidentals were AMAZING, and they just graduated from high school. I think B would be into this kind of violin!

My souvenir tweets from the event!

Thank you TEDxDetroit! Can’t wait to attend next year!

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