The Future of Diabetes Technology Innovation

Nightscout Project at DTM 2014!

Doctor as Designer
Nov 21, 2014 · 2 min read

I had the great privilege of spending time with John Costik, Adrien de Croy, and Weston Nordgren II at the 2014 Diabetes Technology Meeting in Washington DC this month. They are the amazing fathers of kids with type 1 diabetes who are part of the Nightscout Project community. John and I know each other well from his visit and keynote at the We #makehealth Fest, but this was the first time that I had met Adrien and Wes.

I was generously invited by Dr. David Klonoff to speak at the conference about social media and mobile technology in diabetes. The title of my mobile technology presentation was going to be:

Participatory Design, the “Making” of Health, and the Future of Diabetes Technology

But there I was, with this amazing group of experts, makers, and collaborators from the diabetes community. So why would I even try to tell a story that was not mine but theirs?

So after dinner we stayed up late to work plan the talk.

John and Wes, thinking very hard about their portion of the talks sticker sighting in this pic of Adrien and myself!

Here was the final outcome of this collaboration:

(Click here to see the Slideshare)

And here are the videos:

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

I am super grateful for their collaboration because the talk was infinitely better with their contributions. Why don’t more conferences invite patients to speak?

Here’s to the future and present of diabetes technology innovation:

Patients as experts, makers, and collaborators!

Special thanks to Dr. Klonoff and Brett McGreevy for their support and help at the conference, and for allowing us to ask for forgiveness, not for permission!

I tweet and blog about health, technology, and participatory design as “Doctor as Designer”. For blogpost updates, sign up here. Please sign up for the mailing list and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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