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We #makehealth Fest 2014

Doctor as Designer
Aug 22, 2014 · 4 min read

The inaugural We #Makehealth Fest took place on August 16th, 2014 at the University of Michigan. It was AWESOME, thanks to the enthusiasm and collaboration of an amazing community!

Our family started on a #makehealth journey 2 years ago, so it seemed fitting that B and I present together to introduce the event.

I first talked about the purpose of the event:

First to celebrate and promote the notion that we are all makers!

Second, to highlight the fact that technology can help us #makehealth.

Finally to bring together a community; we need each other to #makehealth!

Then B and I shared our family’s personal story of making health. We of course showed the first allergy video he made way back when. We also mentioned the other two videos making up the trilogy, about ingredients, and his asthma video. Check them out if you haven’t seen them!

And since we are really into cardboard these days, he made a new creation for the Fest:

The “human allergic body”

Some highlights:


“Difficulty Breathing”

(Those ziploc bags represent breathing capacity for an asthmatic lung on the left, and a normal lung on the right!)

“Runny Nose”



Here are the slides from his talk.

(I just wanted to mention that he came up with the speech all by himself -seriously, I did not tell him what to write - he really captured the essence of the event as a true designer would!)

“My family built this project.”

“And we turned it into a human allergic body”

“My mom helped with the ideas.”

“My dad helped with the tape.”

“My sister helped with the hives.”

“You can build this too.”

“Think about it first.”

“Try hard.”

“Never give up.”

“It takes teamwork and creativity.”

“It’s not just you, it’s us.”


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Don’t forget to thank Emily! And thank you to the entire community of organizers, volunteers, exhibitors, and speakers! It takes a village to #makehealth!

I tweet and blog about health, technology, and participatory design as “Doctor as Designer”. For blogpost updates, sign up here.

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