Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

Vern Daye
Vern Daye
Feb 14, 2018 · 2 min read

For those who have an upcoming trip to Honolulu planned, make sure to add Snorkeling Hanauma Bay to the list of must do’s. Whether everyone in the group has snorkeled before or there are some beginners in the group, there are some tips to keep in mind when snorkeling.


One of the perfect ways to access nature’s most wonderful realms is to snorkel. The ocean is one of the best places to not only exercise the body but also extend the sense of discovery. The number one tip for a successful snorkeling adventure is to stay relaxed. There is no need to overanalyze what is going to be required or what could go wrong. Practice will make perfect and also allow one to be comfortable in the water.

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The Mask

Another important tip is that the mask must fit the face. To be certain, hold the snorkel mask to the face and breath through the nose. Once the mask seals perfectly and stays in place without having to be held, you will know it is the right mask.

If air is leaking in, water will do the same, so it is important to make sure it fits. Be sure to keep hair out of the seal. Those with a mustache might encounter a little bit of an issue so it is a good idea to put some chapstick just below the nose to create a gasket if shaving isn’t an option.

The strap should fit snugly at the widest area of the head towards the top and back. Those that wear it at the base of their head will find that water will seep in.

If water does begin to flow into the snorkel, double check the placement of the straps. The water should apply enough pressure to seal the mask into place, so there is no need to wear it too tightly.


Choose a pair of fins that are snug but not tight. If they are too tight when trying to curl the toes, cramps can happen. It is better the fins be a little large than small. The feet should be wet when putting them on.

Practice Breathing

Get the breathing down through the snorkel before getting in the water. Breath through the tube but don’t bite it. Then, practice a clam float with the face down in the water. This will build confidence.

Know the Limits

Learn your own limitations. There is no reason to push as a beginner. The limits will change over time as the experience comes.

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