Joyfa and Another-1 Collaborate to Transform the Phygital Fashion Industry

3 min readApr 20


Another-1 x Joyfa

Creating synergy to revolutionize fashion with Web3 Technologies

Joyfa and Another-1, its sub-brand TSS and are excited to announce their strategic partnership, merging their unique expertise in the phygital space to innovate the fashion industry. As frontrunners in Web3 technologies, both startups aim to bridge the $1 trillion market growth in fashion with their groundbreaking approaches and shared resources.

A Harmonious Blend of Fashion and Technology

Envision a world where fashion and technology coexist seamlessly — a world where your physical sneakers grant access to exclusive digital experiences, and your favorite outfit rewards you with tokens simply by wearing them. This is the vision that Another-1 and Joyfa bring to life as they embark on this remarkable partnership development.

Another-1’s pioneering production process integrates NFC chip technology, tokenizing physical goods and interconnecting them with digital assets like NFT digital twins, PFP avatars, 3D models, and Metaverse wearables.

Simultaneously, Joyfa provides an NFT ecosystem for digital sneakers, working with major Japanese fashion brands and IPs. These digital sneakers become tradable online via its upcoming NFT Store, unlocking unique AR experiences for users.

Joyfa’s AR sneaker capabilities on full display

A Strategic Alliance to Propel Phygital Fashion Forward

This dynamic partnership will leverage the distinct capabilities of both startups to create new opportunities in the phygital fashion space:

  1. Another-1 will launch new digital sneaker collections via their launchpad, offer guidance on NFC integration and manufacturing for digital sneakers, and implement their innovative “flex-2-earn” module. This approach will help physical clothing items and their digital replicas gain traction, providing an engaging experience for fashion enthusiasts.
  2. Joyfa will utilize its existing digital sneaker infrastructure to provide further NFT utility and brand exposure for Another-1 by integrating the TSS IP into its Freedom module:
    Additionally, Joyfa will support other up-and-coming Another-1 projects by integrating their cutting-edge AR technologies.

Together, Another-1, TSS and Joyfa will disrupt the fashion industry, driving innovation at the intersection of the physical and digital realms while taking full advantage of augmented reality!

A New Era in Phygital Fashion

This partnership between Another-1 and Joyfa showcases the enormous potential of phygital fashion, as it enables users to unlock exclusive augmented reality experiences and transform their physical items into valuable digital assets.

As both companies continue to innovate within the phygital space, users can anticipate a multitude of exciting developments and experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds in novel ways.

About Joyfa

Joyfa is a pioneering company building an NFT-powered digital sneaker ecosystem. They work with major Japanese fashion brands and IPs, turning digital sneakers into tradable online NFTs through a marketplace. Joyfa also offers unique AR experiences, allowing users to interact with their sneakers in augmented reality.

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About TSS

The Sneakerheadz Society (TSS) is a members-only club of 4444 hypebeasts living on the Ethereum blockchain. Completely unique NFT’s that define themselves by how they flex, and believe what they‘re rocking is supremely superior to what you are. The newest and rarest kicks, accessories, clothes, and locations. Stunt on your neighbor.

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Twitter | Instagram | Discord | Website | OpenSea

About Another-1

Another-1 is the ultimate web3 luxury fashion platform built on Polygon, where users can create, collect, stake, and trade phygital fashion backed by NFC-authenticated physical goods. By repurposing fashion products via NFTs for metaverse interoperability, Another-1 serves as a one-stop shop for a new transcending asset class that merges realities to create a dynamic ecosystem of hypebeasts, designers, brands, and resellers secured on-chain.