Joyfa and Sony Network Communications Join Forces to Propel Digital Sneaker NFTs into the Mainstream

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We are pleased to announce Joyfa, the ultimate digital sneaker platform, has been selected through an incubation program hosted by Sony Network Communications. Both companies will collaborate to explore the possibilities of new use cases using digital sneakers and 3D displays. The goal of this collaboration is to pursue new frontiers and uncover the untapped potential of digital sneaker NFTs, introducing them to the mainstream market in a groundbreaking manner.

Joyfa, an active participant in the digital sneaker space, is creating opportunities for brands and creators by introducing new ways to earn revenue. The company’s platform serves as a place for brands and creators to sell their 3D sneakers as NFTs. This innovative approach will allow sneaker owners to experience fashion in a whole new way, by wearing their digital sneakers in AR. Starting with this AR feature, Joyfa has plans to consistently expand the platform by adding more user-friendly features over time.

Sony Network Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, has been a major figure in the internet service provider industry since its inception in 1995. In 2022, the company co-founded a Singapore-based venture explicitly geared towards engaging in NFT-related businesses.

Recently, the potential of this partnership was put on display when the two companies showcased digital sneakers from graniph, a leading Japanese lifestyle brand, at an exhibition held in Tokyo on May 23rd and 24th. The 3D sneakers, designed by graniph and created by Joyfa, were exhibited using Spatial Reality Display* from Sony Corporation.

graniph’s exhibition in Tokyo

Following this successful demonstration, Joyfa and Sony Network Communications plan to conduct a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) study using the 3D display in Japan. This PoC is designed to assess the potential impact of 3D-based items on users’ NFT purchasing behaviors.

Based on the insights gained from this PoC, it is anticipated that the insights obtained will contribute to the growth of the digital collectibles market.

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*The sales areas of this product are US, China and Japan as of July 2023.




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