Red DAO and Joyfa Release Rose themed Red Digital Sneaker

3 min readJul 18, 2022


Joyfa is a digital sneaker ecosystem company with a mission to bring joy to fashion by leveraging AR Technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs. Whether a community member is a fashionista, designer, creator, sneakerhead or a NFT collector with a love for digital fashion, Joyfa is all about giving members a chance to dive in and explore their potential with the possibilities that web3 and the NFT technology brings.

Aside from supporting individuals, Joyfa’s ecosystem is also built on collaborating with other like-minded brands and organizations. Today we are incredibly excited to announce that we have launched a rose themed digital sneaker in collaboration with Red, a digital fashion focused DAO, created to support and invest in the future of the industry. Made up of 40+ members from all over the world, Red DAO has so far not only collected hundreds of incredible virtual works, but also invested in a handful of leading web3 platforms, such as UNXD, RSTLSS and The Fabricant.

Red DAO is especially known for winning Dolce & Gabbana’s “The Doge Crown” NFT back in 2021 as well as two digital “Impossible” jackets, spending nearly $1.9 million in Ethereum. The crown auction including the digital 3D image and the physical item sold for $1.27 million.

The bright red digital sneaker just launched is a digital representation of sophistication, elegance and the beauty of the power in a red rose taking inspiration from many significant traditional fashion houses that have incorporated the red flower in their past collections.

Front and back of the Roses dress by Alexander McQueen

A rose is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers of all times and they speak the language of love and strength. The Red DAO sneaker not only represents the beauty of the power in a red rose but the strength to bloom no matter how many thorns a rose might encounter.

The total supply of the Red DAO NFT will be 80, and 52 will go to the Red DAO members and the Red DAO treasury. The rest will be distributed among first time owners of Mika Hirose’s NFTs, The Joyfa Team and the lucky selected winners out of those who participated in Joyfa’s twitter campaign

Red DAO Members: 48
Red DAO Treasury: 4
Mika Hirose First time NFT Owners: 3
Joyfa Team: 5
Selected winners: 20

A twitter contest is being held between the 18th to the 24th of this month to the public so that anyone will have a chance to win the rare rose themed red sneaker.

Contest requirement:

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