How to Start Blogging — Without Website, Hosting, or Code

Oithis Tree
4 min readFeb 2, 2024


New approach offers simple, effective, easy to implement, and elegant solution. No domain or web hosting needed. Give your blog any name you want. Share with others via a short link or QR code. Make changes any time. No need for specialized tools.

Create your own blog in seconds. Add content in minutes.

Here is a screen shot of the real blog (

Step 1 — Go to, then register and log in.

On the first screen, click Login & more → Register.

Follow simple registration process, then log in.

Step 2: create object of interest

Create object of interest (Oi) as follows: Oi → Create Oi

Enter Oi name, then hit ‘Create Private Oi’ button.

Step 3 (optional): provide one or two sentence summary

While viewing your Oi, hit ‘Edit’ button next to ‘No summary’.

Enter one or two sentence summary, then hit ‘Apply changes’ button.

See instant result.

Step 5: add main image as well as any content for main page.

Hit ‘Edit multiple” button (at the bottom), then select corresponding menu item.

You will be able to add/modify all kinds of elements such as text, images, videos, website and links, etc.

Your changes take effect immediately.

You can even preserve (i.e. backup) your page to a file on your local device, and restore it at any time if you accidentally make unwanted changes or delete the page.

It may take a few minutes to get the hang of the interface, but then you will be able to make instant changes to your pages without the traditional hassle.

Interact with others right within your blog

Answer questions, have discussions, and exchange ideas with others in an open forum.

You can also have private one-on-one conversations with others in case of a sensitive subject.

You will be notified of any new posts, so you don’t miss any questions and comments, and can respond promptly.

What else is interesting?

You may be wondering what is OiThis, and what other interesting things they came up with?

As with other fundamentally new inventions, people tend to have trouble categorizing it. Some may say it is a website builder. Others will argue it allows building a knowledge base. You will find many who say it is a unique social media platform. Yet, others will refer to it as a tool to create informational networks.

OiThis is an innovative technology company which made an important discovery about how humans perceive knowledge and information. Then, built web based application around it.

There are a number of other practical inventions and novel ideas like audience of interest, informational real estate, as well as enabling everyday people to have their own simple websites without the need for domain names or web hosting.

OiThis application gives voice to everyday people while providing simple and clear interface.

Do you know how it all started? By asking the right questions.