Its all connected.

It started for me on a trip south. I didn’t know what was next.. all I knew was that Now couldn’t go on forever.

There were many places with many people —

they wrote for each other…

I began creating more.. video, music, websites…

We created in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Easter Island, and I in Guatemala.. coming back to the states I was overwhelmed with uncertainty and possibility .

It was tough. I ate a lot of bean and cheese burritos- it was an interesting time.

I had met so many amazing people, had extraordinary experience, learned a kind of living I had only imagined. — I had learned more of who I was and wanted to be but I had mostly learned I couldn’t do it alone.

TEDxAmericasFinestCity 2013- I codirected with Patti, it was the thing that kept me sane at an insane time in my life, as I gave in fully choosing freedom for the purpose of creative expression.

It was after TEDx when Kate, James and I headed north. We had an epic trip — filled with white light moments and ah-ha’s to accompany. It must of been November when we left for Cusco, Peru.. a place we had met just the year prior, filmed a music video and decided we were meant to be.

I left the two and headed south with a rafting guide making his way to Pucon. Kate and James ended up on the beaches of Peru for a few days — interviewed more Churango players in Cusco for our film (still in progress).

As I arrived at the Santiago Sheraton, I thought to myself (Nobody knows you have been on a bus for days — eating cheese sandwiches) I pulled it together, met Brant for a drink in the lobby with the guys from BombaCamp. The days went on — each packed with creative people changing the world, Brant and I explored the city and the things we loved.

It was the LAB4 Conference where I met Ignacio producer of the conference (where the President of Chile had made opening remarks).. Ignacio and I, we knew right away, we were meant to create together.

It was Santiago where I reconnected with Alex and met Jordan , discovered Exosphere, TEDxSantiagoWomen, Chilectra, H Films, ONEBOOK, Patahuilla.. and so much more — so many dreamers in action!

It was nearly February.. Ignacio left for Africa and I headed back to the States.

A year flies by… Global Innovation Summit, SXSW, RECESS, YB÷, San Diego Startup Week, Art of Science Learning Incubator — Waterstock, Crowdfund-Up, ACL, Chicago Ideas Week, and speaking engagements with Sony, Geek Girls, and Tijuana Tech… was it not so long ago — I was headed south on an adventure just scared to be alone with the unknown.

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