Human first. I promise.

I promise to be human. I promise to stay in touch with other humans… in human ways. I understand this means pulling away from some offerings this planet has.. I understand I may even feel “out of touch” because of this. I understand that we now have the technology at our finger tips, on our wrist, in our hearts and on our minds. I promise to call my mother. I promise to

I promise when engaging in creation with technology to be thoughtful of Humans First… to think about the long term effects the behaviors we are engaging in have on the human experience, and to build towards the light.

I promise to consider the whole… consider how I am me and we are we… collectively. Honoring both worlds of (I)ndividual and the communal (we).

I promise to be real — as real as I can be with myself and the world around me. 
I promise to love fearlessly. To believe in the beauty in the world. To see the light and to be the light.

To possibilities,

Amber Brandner

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