We created a female superhero for Tesla.

I got back to LA about a week ago… I reached out to a dear friend, one of those made from the stars, purpose-filled relationships that has been magic ever since..

introducing Stephen with Green Glow Productions… I texted him to see what was going on. He said they are doing a spec for Tesla this weekend — its about women in science and a daughter who knows her mom is the super hero in her life. I said I’m down to help — Women in STEM and tech have been a subject of passion for me for sometime. More so telling stories that shift the world we live in by giving more holistic examples of the what is possible, thats the stuff I live for. I had met Jane the director at a Moth storytelling event a few weeks back with Stephen. This was shot in 2 days, we did it because we know the stories we tell become who we are, that technology is human, and we are capable of being superheros and saving ourselves. #superchargedsupermom.

We hope you love it. Amber Brandner