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Wow! Greg what a lovely essay to share. Comfort. So many ways to define that one word. We all crave it — just as we crave acceptance — which is what I think is hidden behind your words.

The comments from your readers made me laugh at one point because I immediately thought, “battle of the sexes.” AAORK sounds wounded to me with his response of “more.” Maybe he hasn’t met the right woman if his experience is that he feels they are “empty” and want to be filled. Just my insight into his short response.

Kel, at least is thinking on the right track but to try to decipher a “human” is not possible. We are all individuals, battered by our upbringing or the social mores of the time. Trying to live “the American dream” (I’m not a millennial, obviously) since the term may be as foreign as the Macarena to some readers.

Respect, listening (really listening), acceptance: these are all craved by men and women alike. Some of us are a little more vulnerable and possibly harder to “read.” Let’s all just treat each other as we want to be treated.

Find out what you want and then gift that to the other person.

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