LED system built with Arduino Uno

Build 3: Blinking LEDs

Blinking LEDs (digital output)

These LEDs will blink faster and faster (starting from 1/2 second interval to 10ms interval) until all of them light up at the end

Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9O7B3GzPV4

Schematic for LED system
Sketch of the LED build
Sample output from the serial monitor

For this build, I did not have too much trouble with anything. These LEDs are connected simply from pin → resistor → LED → ground. However, although the spec calls for 330 ohm resistors, I used 220 ohm resistors because they’re all I have. I hope that does not burn or affect anything.

A success in this project was that I used for loops and lists to make my sketch more efficient. It was very accomplishing to see the program work because this is my first time with C++. The syntax seems similar to Java.

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