Demons…are they real?

There are many things in the world that may represent evil. Through history evil has existed everywhere and strongly affected the overall reason of why bad things happen. The definition of evil is mostly interpreted as anyone or anything that is harmful or does wrong to others. Evil is the result of sinful action and is the destruction of goodness. There is evil in every culture and country and most of the time this is shown through evil spirits; otherwise known as demons. Every culture in history has had some form or variation of demonic belief. Demons often are characterized as a spirit of pure evil and have the main goal of bringing harm to a human. Human beings have been very aware of demons since the beginning of time. Even though many may claim they do not exist, it is the people who have the personal encounters with them that believe of their existence.

The reason I believe in demons as representing evil is because my faith in The Bible itself. I have personally experienced and seen the existence of the supernatural. I believe it is very real and all around us; all the time. I think demons are the influence of all bad things. They are under satins control and their main goal is to make bad things happen to people. In my experience I know that these spirits are used to control people. They are able to make people think and do awful things to themselves and others. Demons attach themselves to people and do not let go until their existence on that person is recognized and demanded to leave. This is only possible by using divine power; talked about and represented by Jesus in the Bible.
 You do not have to show signs of demon possession to have demons in you. You may even think of yourself as a good person and have demon spirits on you. The reason for this is because demons attach themselves to people. This is caused by sinful action or surrounding yourself with things that contain demon spirits in them. Demons are spirits of evil so they are the main cause for sickness or being ill in the mind. Obviously there are many different types of demon spirits because there are many different kinds of problems that people have. There are spirits of depression, suicide, hatred, violence, infirmity, fear, selfishness, sexual perverseness, rebellion, anger, controlling, pride, lying, destruction, insanity, effeminate, terrorizing, sorcery, and all sicknesses, etc. These unclean spirits are evil because they cause our problems (Jackson, Wayne).

The most detailed and recorded information on demons comes from the Judaic, Christian, and catholic sources. The Bible describes demons as fallen angels. In the book of genesis, Lucifer, Gods head angel desired to be more powerful than God. God knowing this cast down Lucifer too and ¾’s of heavens angels who were following him (The Holy Bible, Gen.). He sent them to hell and earth. Demons are under the authority of the devil and follow his example of fighting goodly and divine authority. Their main mission is torment humans with their dark and wicked ways. Christians call the devil Satan which means “adversary’ (myth encyclopedia).
 In the book of Mark; Mark describes a demon possessed man. “A demon possessed man lived among the graveyard…no one was strong enough to control him. All day long he would wander among the tombs, screaming and cutting himself with sharp pieces of stone.” From this text we can see that this man’s life had been completely destroyed by the evil spirits. He no longer had any control of his actions and the spirits caused him to physically harm himself. Shortly after this Mark describes how Jesus castes the spirits out freed the man and told him to go tell his friends what God had done for him. (The Holy Bible, Mark, 3. 1–13)

Demons are found in all means of culture around the world and are shown in many shapes in forces. In Egyptian mythology they believed in an evil God who once was a helpful God who blessed the dead but turned bad. They also believed in demons; specifically a demon called Nehebkau. Nehebkau was sometimes a source of strength to the Gods, but other times he was a menacing monster; described as a serpent with human arms and legs who threatened the souls of the dead. In Persian mythology they believe in two opposing powers struggling for control of the universe. This was represented by two twin brother Gods, one being Goodness and order, the other evil and chaos. This Zoroastrian religion was all about tension between two opposites. Ahriman, the God of evil ruled malevolent demons called Daevas that represented death, violence, and other negative forces. (myth encyclopedia.)
 Islam is very similar in it’s believes about demons to Christianity and Judaism. Their names for the devil are Iblis or Shaitan. He leads an army of demons called Shaitans. Shaitans exist to persuade humans into sinning. In early forms of Hinduism believes the Asuras were seen as demons that fought against the Gods. They were trouble makers and constantly threatened to overthrow the “cosmic order”. Buddhism adapted many of Hinduisms believes concerning demons. They believe in an evil demon called Mara. Mara tempts people with desires and deceives them with illusions. Mara keeps people from reaching enlightenment. Since enlightenment is known as the best place spiritually for a Buddhist to be in, Mara is a very bad threat and looked at as the very symbol of all evil. In Chinese mythology there are only demons. Demons are looked at as the souls of the dead who wander the earth most likely because their descendant did not give them a good enough funeral ceremony (myth encyclopedia.)

In conclusion, demons existence or the idea of the existence of demons has drastically impacted our world and still continues to do so today. Whenever evil seems to be impacting human kind, somewhere along the lines a demon can be blamed for it. Evidence of the cultures of the world show there is most likely a supernatural world that coincides with ours. Many people today have even experienced this showing that demons are not just a past thing. If this is true every person has experienced the existence of demons and has been influenced by them in some way. I believe Demons are real and were created for evil. If Demons are in fact real; I think it is safe to say that they influence almost everything bad and negative. The world may be more than what meets the eye. The way the human race is headed; It just makes sense that something is out there wanting us to destroy ourselves.

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