War. What is it good for? Absolutely something

By Banksy

War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Those were the words of Edwin Starr. They are also the beliefs of many popular activists, religious figures (or not), intellectuals but also beauty contestants.

They are all lying. Those are remarks made by bourgeois leftists or what is called in french “Caviar eating left”. War is good for our poor banks, for showing our enemies we have bigger balls than them and most importantly to have a regular human cleanse. After all, there are too many of us.

I mean can you imagine a world where every single citizen refuses to go to war? Can you imagine a world without refugees? How are we meant to find cheap labour to do the shitty jobs for us ?

Luckily for me, I found someone that agrees that war is good for something. I came across a book review of Ian Morris’ “War. What is it good for?” He stipulates that war is essential to history, that only through warfare has humanity been able to come together in larger societies. Basically, in order to have good make up sex you need to have had got into a very bad argument with your partner.

This led me to the conclusion that if we keep fighting each other, one day international borders will be abolished. Consequently, apart from the NGO “Doctors without borders” having to change its name for being a pleonasm, we will all speak to each other using Google Translate transformers, have the same physical appearance and eat Quinoa and edamame falafel burgers with Soya tarama chocolate hummus and whatever is trendy on Instagram.

As Nicole Ferroni a French comedian said: “ we look back at how prehistoric Men ate each other to survive and we call that cannibalism, one day, maybe, war will be so far behind us that humanity will look back at how we fought each other and say that we called that war”.