Joyland is proud to announce our new, in house artist, Carolyn Tripp. Carolyn will be illustrating two to three stories every month starting this April.

This is an example of Carolyn’s art.

This is Carolyn.

In addition to her illustration work, she is an animation artist and a designer. Her work has been featured on the CBC’s The Exhibitionists, with Interface (Ace Hotel, London, UK), The One Minute Film & Video Festival (Aarau, Switzerland), The Toronto Urban Film Festival, PhattB: The Art Technology Terminal (NYC), Under New Management: Video Store! (Dawson City, Vancouver and others), Xpace Cultural Centre, Trinity Square Video, The Toronto Animated Image Society, The Long Winter event series, and The Khyber.

Joyland’s publishers first met Carolyn 10 years ago, when Brian and Emily lived in a decrepit, 100-year-old dairy that we called an “art space.” Then we all realized apartments and making websites was a better way to live. We are happy to be working with Carolyn again.