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Wow! I’m not even a Trump supporter (#GaryJohnson2016 #LetGaryDebate — and he’s pretty much for open borders), but comparing Drumpf Junior’s statement to that mushroom story??? You want to talk about an inaccurate analogy? You want to talk about screwed-up math? That story is clearly stating that ALL Jews are bad — that the ONE Jew (100% of the only Jew being discussed) can ruin a whole town. That tweet did not in any way indicate that he thought all Syrian refugees were bad. What does math have to do with the point of the analogy (and of course refugees aren’t Skittles — do you understand the concept of an analogy)? You don’t have to agree with his view, but don’t twist what he’s saying and compare it to a completely unrelated story with a completely unrelated point. The fact that there have been terror-related arrests MAKES his point. The point is that, if you don’t have an absolute way to vet all the refugees and you let SO MANY in, a few terrorists can slip through, and it’s simply his opinion that the risk is too great. You don’t have to agree with that. I don’t know if I do. But just because there haven’t been deaths yet, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Obviously, there have been some who have slipped through. Just glad they’ve been caught so far. But trying to vilify someone and put words in their mouths so you can call them a racist or anti-Semite or whatever your point was — THAT, My Friend, is “deplorable.”

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