Every Single Web Portfolio Site Ever
Oren Weingrod

It has been a fashion, as some sort of best practices, though overused nowadays. That’s the nature of fashion: to be invented; to be popularized; to be templated and overused and cliched; and eventually to be out dated. Innovation and specialty are always precious; morphing and reusing are always approachable.

However, I personally don’t think involving daily life (e.g. Instagram timeline embedding) in one’s portfolio website is inherently good or bad. In this decade, personality matters; personality differentiate one from the general on an emotional basis, in addition to professional proofs. Thus, embedding Instagram timeline as a common approach has been popular. As it is becoming over popular, the approach itself may be vulnerable, but the idea behind it, “to be differentiated from every designer portfolio website,” won’t expire as soon as the approach.

And thanks for all insightful comparative sarcasms in this article : )

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