Joyous Montessori Picks Out Useful School Supplies For Your Kids

Joyous Montessori
3 min readMar 19, 2020

Back-to-school shopping, whether it is calmly conducted months in advance or a frantic, last-minute process, should contain an element of fun. After all, if your binder is bland or those pens are gloomy, how will you be excited or inspired in a classroom?

Joyous Montessori, a collection of unique schools that provide children with early education and foster an approach that seeks to uncover the full potential of every student through individual exploration, has unveiled a few essential, creatively altered school supplies for your kids to scoop up before the new semester.

Eco Highlighter Pencils

Highlighters, colorful and convenient, are a necessity for all students. However, we can all agree that their soaking up of pages can be bothersome and they seem to always dry out on the most inopportune of times. Joyous Montessori notes that these pencils are a tremendous alternative because they will not fail you in either of these manners. In addition, these pencils are sustainable made and are biodegradable.

Rare Pencil Cases & Backpacks

Your pencil case and backpack represent your educational toolbox, carrying supplies and, hopefully, motivating you to attend class. By providing your child with a unique pencil case and backpack, you can ensure that not only are they going to be able to stand out from the crowd, you will never have to worry about losing them in a pile alongside others.

Colorful Pens

Having one pen color to jot down all of your notes is bound to be an uneventful, uninspiring exercise. Go for the variety pack, as it is ideal for writing notes, differentiating subjects and keeping your child organized. Joyous Montessori adds that many of these pens also dry instantly and possess comfortable grips, so your kids will have little complaints about putting them to work for educational purposes. Just make sure that your kids have some standard blue and black pens for their tests!

Lively Notebooks

In case your child has not already filled you in, plain notebooks are out. Appealing prints and colors can make taking notes and studying easier. Nobody is exactly thrilled about opening up an insipid notebook that seems more suitable for a medical professional than an aspiring young student. Instead, opt for something that is slightly more cheerful to flip through the pages.

Sticky Notes

Thoughts, ideas and jokes are perfect for sticky notes, the same ones that are eventually stuck to a binder, book, bag, lunch or, if you have a sense of humor, a friend’s back. Sticky notes can help your kids’ study by noting down key pages and phrases in their notebooks and textbooks as well as provide small spaces to ensure that the information is straight to the point.

Practical Headphones

Public and private schools are encouraging more time to be allotted for tablets and computers nowadays. Due to this, many schools are asking students to come to class with their own headphones, as opposed to worrying about the decibel level when a handful of electronic devices are blaring out instructions or musical themes. Over-the-head style headphones are recommended because they ensure superior sound quality and that none of the material will be missed from an inferior product. Joyous Montessori adds that studies have found that music can be beneficially to studying and help improve testing results.



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