A post about fashion blogs

I love fashion blogs. They show me new trends and interesting fashion. Candy to my eyes. Some looks, I disapprove; they’re too risky for me. Others I admire, but cannot dare wear them… The way my body is set up and all. But most, I love! That doesn’t mean I’ll go to the nearest boutique or open market to buy them. I just like seeing people look good.

Most fashion bloggers tend to have great photographers. Or photo editing skills. So the photos posted all over Instagram and Facebook are too good to ignore. And fashion blogs are mostly about the fashion photos, an area where many are excelling at. But the posts usually also include a short prose, explaining the fashion featured and the reason for it. This is where I have a problem.

I have read my fair share of Kenyan fashion blogs. As much as the photos are appealing, I find the writing wanting. Let me tell you what I see. Long sentences which need punctuation. Misspelled words that could easily be rectified. Some phrases that just don’t make sense. I know, they’re bloggers not writers. But shouldn’t bloggers know how to write well too? I mean, we the audience are reading as much as looking at pictures.

There is only one blog I have seen that is the exception. It’s Thisisess.com run by personal style blogger Sharon Mundia. Her photos are always amazing, but it’s her writing that really impresses me. It’s short and sweet, witty and relatable. Sometimes I marvel at how good she is. Can I as a writer even match her level? She stands out of every fashion blogger I read, just because of her writing skills.

I’m not perfect at writing. I don’t expect anyone to be. All we can do is try.

So is writing well important for fashion bloggers? I believe so. Unless they only post photos on their blogs. Should bloggers write better posts? Yes! If you can add a suave caption under your attractive IG photo, why not on your blog too? Decent language will attract not only fashion lovers, but also word lovers like me. And if you’re naturally not a good writer, don’t worry. You can get someone who is good with words to help you out, and make a read worthy write up. Heck, I would love to help some bloggers out if they let me. The point is to make more interesting fashion blogs, that people will enjoy to look at and read too.

Think about it.