Real friends

Who is a real friend?

Is it someone who buys you food, drinks, and anything else you desire? Is it someone who invites you to all the coolest events and parties? And even hands you exclusive tickets. Is it someone who listens to you whine and complain about all your troubles? Someone who’s with you when things are good, and when they’re awful too? Who is a friend? I think I found out the meaning today.

Here’s what I think a friend is. A friend is someone who gets you stuff you want, because you’d do the same. A friend is that person who calls you to invite you to a party. Or just to know how you are really doing. A friend makes plans with you days beforehand, because all they really want is your company.

A friend will laugh and gossip with you. And then let you vent out your frustrations. They will listen to you grumble, because sometimes all we need is someone to listen. A friend is someone you can talk to about anything. From cars and tech to your deepest emotions and fears. You can share experiences freely and learn from each other. That’s what friends do.

They open their heart to you. They don’t pretend at all. Or hide anything. Because they trust you. Just as much as you trust them. They’re with you when you need them. From celebrating victories to crying about broken hearts and dreams. In for the good, as well as the ugly. Not just for one. They are all rounded.

A friend cares so much you are left with no doubt. You always know that your back is always secured. And that they will never leave without saying goodbye.

Now those are real friends.