Joys Digital: the transition to Ethereum Constantinople hard fork will be on July 27

Joys Digital
Jul 25 · 1 min read

Hello, friends!
On July 27, our payment service Joys Digital will switch to Ethereum Constantinople hard fork.
The transition will be on block #3100000.
Let us remind you of its main advantages.
For smart contracts, an increase in the efficiency and speed of the blockchain, ease of use of the network, lower energy consumption by the network, reduction in the need for the local currency Ethereum — Gas.
For the network itself — reducing the cost of remuneration to miners for the new unit from 5 to 2 JOYS per unit.
Reticule users will need to download a new version of the application (version for Windows you can download here —, the Mac version will be available in the middle of next week).
Joys Wallet users will not need to do anything — we have already updated everything for you :)

Joys Digital

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