The Best Kinds Of Floral Themes To Choose For Wrapped Mother’s Day Cards

Expressing your love for your mother is best done through beautiful cards. Whether it is on her birthday or Mother’s Day, the cards that you choose can convey a lot about what you wish to say to her. Given the beauty of the sentiment as well as the special day, nothing works better than floral themes. The many ways in which this theme is repeated on the card collections is the cherry on the cake.

1. Artsy illustrations
Wrapped Mother’s Day cards that depict flowers that seemed to have been drawn by little hands have a very quirky appeal about them. These can also be colorless doodles accompanied by cute writing.

2. Entire gardens in bloom
For more realistic images, you can browse through the photographic collections of a greeting card wholesaler where you would find snapshots of lush gardens with flowering plants.

3. Bouquets
Zoomed in pictures of a variety of bouquets also make great themes for wrapped cards. You could either choose pictures that have different flowers or just a simple rose or tulip bouquet to express your love.

4. Floral borders
Another interesting way in which floral themes are incorporated into Mother’s Day cards is by limiting them only to decorating the borders rather than letting them take the center space.

5. Flowers in a pot
Just like bouquets but more sturdy, flowers in pots and vases can be taken for their symbolic meanings and related to the cards they are featured on.

6. Cartoon like flowers
Though it may sound similar to the doodles and illustrations, these are different in many ways. They are more brighter and detailed but retain the cute and childlike appeal.

7. Classic floral paintings
A step ahead of the illustrations and doodles, images of floral oil paintings are a great choice for wrapped cards to give to your mother on the special occasion.

8. Flowers with other elements
Flowers with butterflies, balloons and cakes or with a myriad creative elements bring in an interesting addition to the floral Mother’s Day theme. You should choose these according to what your mother likes best.

9. A single flower with a message
Sometimes, just one big blossom can create the effect that elaborate bouquets can’t. So, this is another option when you want to pick wrapped cards with a floral theme.

10. Baskets
Floral baskets can be composed in multiple ways on the front of a greeting card. The composition looks great because of the slight vintage touch that baskets bear.

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