Travel 2016: New York City Day 3

My legs were cramped up from my thighs to my ankles. My toes were in pain after walking in my pointed heel boots all day from the previous day. I’m a huge walker, I’d choose walking over any other form of transportation but holy my legs hurted. Since we were so tired from the previous day we decided to take a pretty chill Day 3.

We woke up late and had to run some errands in the morning. First, we went to the bus tour office to book a tour for Day 4 and make an appointment to get a manicure. These were all lovely gifts from my cousin who lives in NY. I wanted to eat some classic brunch in NY so I searched up the top spot which was Friedman’s according to Yelp. We walked for a good 20 mins in the freezing weather and when we walked in the restaurant we heard those daunting words, “the wait will be a hour and a half.” Our faces darkened because we were hungry and the store was packed with people waiting at the front.

As the hour passed, we were seated in the other half of the restaurant- the newly bought store. Comparing the interiors of these two stores, I believe Friedman’s have bought up the space next door to expand their location. There was a clear difference since one had a completely bright marble interior compared to the original Friedman’s which was more dim and had a rustic feeling.

They had a great menu option ranging from salads to sandwiches to freshly squeezed juices. I love brunch, I live for it. It makes me feel sophisticated that I can wake up late on a Saturday morning, take my time to get ready and walk out dressed up nicely. I can sit down in a restuarant full of people who all came to catch up with loved ones, eat some delicious foods, and act as if we have all the time in the world.

Anywho, I always wanted to try the chicken and waffles combination, and let it behold I see the glorious item on the menu.

The three pieces of fried chicken were perfectly cooked. They were moist and extremely juicy- not dry at all. The waffle wasn’t any regular waffle but a cheddar waffle. It was so weird because you consider a waffle to be sweet, but this was slightly savoury and actually had a cheddar taste. The picture doesn’t do it justice but the waffle was really big, thick and definitely filling, I couldn’t finisht the whole thing. I thought the sauce they had was some sort of gravy for the chicken, but it was sweet like honey but apparently is was infused with tobassco.

We then headed to the Doughnut Plant, the best donuts in NY. The store was packed and the interior was adorable, with donut cushions lined up along wall. I thought the donuts would all be showcased in the front, but rather there was a board in the front with all the donut offerings and a small showcase at the cashier. I wish they had a larger showcase in the front just so its easier for customers to visually see the donuts. I was really full from brunch so I opted for one donut. I wish I had two stomachs just so I can eat more of them.

I can’t remember the exact name of the donut but it was a chocolate donut with mint frosting. I never had a donut so delicious. It was so light and I would say it was even more fluffier than a cake! You can really taste the chocolate and it wasn’t too sweet which I like. I love mint and the proportion of frosting to donut was perfect. It was a thin layer and the flavour wasn’t too empowering. It was so good I had to take a selfie of myself eating it!

We had plans to watch a broadway show at 8 PM but apparently at Times Square you can get cheaper tickets at the booth starting at 3 PM. We arrived around 3:30 PM but we had to wait a hour and a half in the freezing weather for tickets. It was so cold my toes were starting to hurt and my hands were bright red. One wierd thing I noticed about New York was that it seems like everyone is fine other than me. There were people not even wearing winter coats and who seemed to be perfectly fine, but inside they were probably dying as well. Any who, we got our broadway tickets for $90 which was 50% off the original retail price.

We headed off to our hotel to catch a quick break before the show. I took a hot shower to defrost my body. Before the show started we went to catch dinner at Xi’an Famous Foods. They’re known for their hand-made noodles! I ordered their most popular dish which was the Spicy Cumin Lamb Hand-Ripped Noodles. When I was waiting for the food I heard the man in the back hitting the long white noodles against the hard metal table, that’s when I knew the food was fresh.

The noodles were delicious. Perfectly cooked, and I really did like how chewy the noodles were. They were so long! I wish there was more lamb pieces though, in the picture it seems like a lot but they were extremely small. I wouldn’t say its spicy but I added a bunch of chili mix, but by the end of the dinner I was blowing my nose and my mouth was on fire for a bit.

Then we headed to our broadway show! We watched Phantom of the Opera- the longest running musical in broadway.

Our seats were great and we were able to see everything really well. What’s sad? I actually fell asleep during the play because I was so exhausted but I still remember everything :) The show was specatcular and I liked how I actually knew the songs. The set and production quality was top-notch, I definitely want to watch more when I come back.

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