Travel 2016: New York Day 2

I woke up and opened the black curtains of our hotel room wide open. The view is WAY better in the morning. That day I realized my future will be lived in this city. I loved the hustle and bustle, and the amount of people and tourists that are constantly there.

So my morning started off with my first transit ride in NY to SoHo. Our first stop was to the famous Dominique Ansel Bakery, known for their creation of the cronut. I heard they quickly sold out so we had plans to wake up early and get there by 8 AM, but of course, we slept in and got there by 9:30. There wasn’t any line outside but the cronuts sold out 15 minutes before I got there. So sad but having dessert for breakfast made up for everything :)

My photo binge starts now:

First train ride in New York
All their amazing goodies
L: Madeleines M: Grapefruit Panna Cotta R: Frozen S’mores

The Madeleines were like small pockets of delicious fluffiness. It was incredibily fresh since they baked it to order. The panna cotta was so smooth and velvety. It had piles of grapefruit on top, with some sort of jelly like ball in the middle- I had no idea what it was. There was also a bottom layer of cake. The frozen s’mores had the perfect amount of sweetness. You can see them torch the large square block of marshmallow right in front of you.The centre had a block of chocolate in it as well.

Close by was Ladurée, mmmm macarons. Tbh, I’m not the biggest fan of them, I find them to be way too sweet for me. The outside of the store is stunning, I love their mint green colour with gold embellishment. The interior of the store was confusing to me at first, there was the restaurant at the back and all their desserts in the front of the store.

I bought a box of 6 and brought it back home to share with my family. It tasted great though, it wasn’t too sweet.

We then walked to the Financial District aka Wall Street! We also visited the World Trade Center and it’s new PATH building. At one point my eyes widened when I saw the yellow truck from afar. It was the Waffles and Dinges food truck. I got their basic waffle with Nutella and strawberries on top- probably the best combination in the world!

Waffles and Dinges

We then headed to Chinatown! I really wanted to go there because FungBros Comedy did a food review on Joe’s Shanghai- the best soup dumplings in NYC. I always wanted to try soup dumplings and eat at another well known location called Din Tai Fung, but there isn’t any in Toronto. We ordered the two types of soup dumplings they had — 1) pure meat 2) crab with meat.

The store was quite big but we were sat down to share a table with two other families. It gave it a really homey feeling and I was so surprised at all the photos on the walls of the famous celebrities that visited the store.

These soup dumplings were MASSIVE. They were really good and were exploding with juices and flavour. At one point I saw the girl in front of me eat the dumpling and have the juice literally burst out and fall all over the table. The soup was really thick and it had the perfect amount of meat in a really well made skin. The crab dumplings didn’t have crab meat but rather the roe so it gave it an amazing texture and flavour. I had the xiao liang bao without the soy sauce- ginger mixture and without it, but I’d say both taste the same! I really wish I had soup dumplings before so I can compare the different types of restaurants, so I wasn’t too impressed.

For dessert, we headed to the best NY Cheesecake store according to Yelp. Eileen’s Special Cheesecake is really small and it was definitely busy with a lot of people sitting along the high tables eating and people lining up. I ordered the coconut cheesecake and my friend ordered the pineapple one.

Prior to heading to NY, I wanted to visit the Museum of Modern Art because I heard great reviews. Luckily, every Friday from 4–8 PM they have free admission sponsored by Uniqlo. We arrived around 6:30 and it was packed! I believe there was 7 floors so there’s definitely a huge amount of different art pieces you can look at.

One of my favourite art pieces on the right

We started to get hungry so we headed to the Grand Central Terminal to take some artsy photos and eat at Shake Shack. Finding the main concourse of the terminal was difficult at first, probably because the place was so big and at one point we had to ask a couple of people for direction. We were walking for around 20 minutes but then, we finally saw it. The clock in the far distance and swift movements passing by it.

It was absolutely stunning. I never knew the roof would be so beautiful and again it was like a mint green wall paper with Greek like gold outlining. I was really suprised that half of the terminal was occupied by an Apple Store. I personally felt that made the terminal lose it’s historic touch.

Finally a late dinner at Shake Shack. I was so excited because Toronto doesn’t have any famous burger places but the US is known for In N’Out and Shake Shack. The location itself was quite small but still had seats and there was a line up.

I ended up ordering the Shroom Burger. It was HANDS DOWN the most amazing burger I have ever eaten. I took my first bite and I swear I was in heaven. I bit into the soft bun with an amazingly crispy deep fried mushroom stuffed with cheese. What’s more? When I bit into it, the ooey gooey cheese exploded. Cheese exploded. Lemme say it again, the cheese exploded. I love cheese like I am a cheese fanatic. I also ordered the cheese fries. This was legit cheese sauce- not that fake Cheez Whiz- but it was creamy and wasperfect. The fries were also nice and soft, yet still had a nice crunch to them.

We then had a short walk to the Rockefeller Center to go up to the observatory. We literally went two hours before it closed so there was barely anyone there. It was freezing but of course the view was incredible.

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