Hurricane Dorian Alert (ref:

Attention Joytel Customers

As of September 3rd, 2019 at 5PM EST according to NOAA data, Hurricane Dorian will be coasting the east coast of Florida going towards Georgia and the Carolina's.

As of September 3rd, 2019 at 5PM EST all offsite services will be suspended until potentially threatening weather has passed and weather conditions are deemed safe by officials.

During this time we will continue our remote support. You may submit a ticket through our client portal, or call us at +1 904 940 8858. For more information please review the JAXREADY app.

We hope you and your families are safe. As always, we greatly appreciate continued trust in our capabilities.

Joytel Staff

Hurricane Dorian Alert (ref:

Attention Joytel Customers

At 11AM of August 30th, 2019, storm Hurricane Dorian is showing more of its likely path of travel, we are still not 100% sure of what path Dorian could take. At this moment we are following every update we receive of the storm and working to keep you informed.

If you are a client in need of extra equipment or need any servicing before the storm hits, please give us a call, or visit us at or submit a ticket through our client portal.

Joytel Wireless Staff

Hurricane Dorian Alert (ref:

Attention Joytel Customers

We’re actively monitoring incoming storm, Hurricane Dorian. We are awaiting clearer tracking data which will determine the impact of the storm on North East Florida. Our team is trained and is taking significant precautions to further instill that we are prepared for anything.

Our network infrastructure has been thoroughly tested for redundancy. In the event of direct impact on the east coast of Florida we will only be servicing current clients.

If you are an existing client in need of any additional equipment or technical service before the storm makes any form of impact, give us a call, or visit us at and submit a ticket from our client area.

May you and your families be safe during this time.

Joytel Wireless Staff

Written by Nolan Freeman — Published on August 8th, 2019

Joytel Employee crimping cable to our portable switch for the Rolling Stones backstage WiFi. — July 17th 2019 @ TIAA EverBank Field, Jacksonville FL

This isn’t an article on “why you should buy internet.” At the end of the day, the internet is a necessity to be apart of the business world.

Today we are going to examine why businesses & organizations are kicking out big-box internet and welcoming Joytel.

Businesses and event organizers are beginning to take note of Joytel’s enterprise level, stable, fast, reliable internet & 24/7 local support. On July 15th, Joytel setup a wireless point-to-point network with a portable switch & multiple access points for The Rolling Stones concert at TIAA EverBank Field and provided network monitoring during the event.

“Joytel is excited to serve at the Rolling Stones, reaffirming the importance of providing commercial enterprises with access to the fastest fiber and wireless services available in Florida.”

17 July 2019 — Jacksonville, FL

Joytel, a commercial high-speed fiber, and wireless internet service provider will be providing a wireless broadband based internet connection service this week to TIAA EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida in support of the Rolling Stones concert.

Your corporation has a choice of internet mediums — DSL, cable or fiber — but which one do you choose? Let’s explore the differences between the channels and explain why fiber, when available, is the leading internet choice for businesses across North America.


DSL, or a Digital Subscriber Line, uses the existing copper wire of a phone line to deliver internet access to your location. Because DSL is allowed to utilize the previous telephone infrastructure, it’s able to offer better pricing and provide service to most urban areas.

Unfortunately, these wires are inefficient at delivering data across long distances…


Since 2004, Joytel has been providing the best internet service available in Florida at the speed of fiber.

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