8/29/2019 — Hurricane Dorian Update #1

Aug 29 · 1 min read

Attention Joytel Customers

We’re actively monitoring incoming storm, Hurricane Dorian. We are awaiting clearer tracking data which will determine the impact of the storm on North East Florida. Our team is trained and is taking significant precautions to further instill that we are prepared for anything.

Our network infrastructure has been thoroughly tested for redundancy. In the event of direct impact on the east coast of Florida we will only be servicing current clients.

If you are an existing client in need of any additional equipment or technical service before the storm makes any form of impact, give us a call, or visit us at joytel.net and submit a ticket from our client area.

May you and your families be safe during this time.

Joytel Wireless Staff


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Since 2004, Joytel has been providing the best internet service available in Florida at the speed of fiber. https://joytel.net/

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