Joytel on the Rise in Jacksonville

Written by Nolan Freeman — Published on August 8th, 2019

Aug 8, 2019 · 3 min read

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This isn’t an article on “why you should buy internet.” At the end of the day, the internet is a necessity to be apart of the business world.

Today we are going to examine why businesses & organizations are kicking out big-box internet and welcoming Joytel.

Businesses and event organizers are beginning to take note of Joytel’s enterprise level, stable, fast, reliable internet & 24/7 local support. On July 15th, Joytel setup a wireless point-to-point network with a portable switch & multiple access points for The Rolling Stones concert at TIAA EverBank Field and provided network monitoring during the event.

“The show was great. Our team showed up, set up, and provided an amazing internet connection. — We loved being able to provide for the Stones and work hard to give artists another reason they can stop by Jacksonville.”
- Mark Marques, Joytel

After a successful night of music and a job well done, the Joytel team quickly packed up and allowed the rest of the tour crew to finish deconstructing.

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“We’ve been with Joytel for over four years and they have been great! No problems at all, even through two hurricanes. They are great about keeping us aware of any maintenance that might affect our service.”
- Jake Parham, IT Manager of SJCSO

Joytel has been around and providing services like wireless point-to-point since 2004 and has been confronted with many different challenges like the uncertainty of natural disasters and the unknown. While the world is full of the unknown, we are constantly prepared & furthering preparations for anything that is thrown our way.

We know that Disaster Recovery is just as important as providing an amazing internet connection. What’s the point of that connection without the uptime? Our network team & 24/7 support is the backbone of our reliability. While within normal service hours, our network team is hard at work watching and managing the uptime of ALL our clients. Businesses/organizations see over 90% of their downtime during their operation hours. Our goal is to prevent this downtime from taking place, before it happens.

Hurricane Matthew was one of Joytel’s greatest natural disaster challenges. The 2017 storm caused over 250,000+ people and businesses to lose power, on-top of the extreme flooding from the St. John’s river. During this time, an internet connection for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is as crucial as ever. With almost 100% uptime during Hurricane Matthew, the SJCSO was able to respond to citizens in need during this monstrous weather.

In conclusion, Joytel isn’t just any other business internet provider. We stay strong on our claims of uptime, client care, support, and fast internet speeds. Are you a business in need of a fixed point-to-point wireless connection? Get a quote now by clicking here.

To learn more about Joytel’s wide range of services or to contact a representative, click here.


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