Joytel Provides Internet Services for Rolling Stones Concert

Jul 18 · 2 min read
“Joytel is excited to serve at the Rolling Stones, reaffirming the importance of providing commercial enterprises with access to the fastest fiber and wireless services available in Florida.”

17 July 2019 — Jacksonville, FL

Joytel, a commercial high-speed fiber, and wireless internet service provider will be providing a wireless broadband based internet connection service this week to TIAA EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida in support of the Rolling Stones concert.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Joytel’s technical services for this weeks Rolling Stones concert will provide “the stones” with a reliable internet network comprised of the top data centers across North and Central Florida, each strategically interconnected to maximize connectivity speeds. Along with active monitoring from our NOC, Joytel will provide on-site support for the Rolling Stones, their production team, and crew to ensure fast & reliable wireless services. With wireless connectivity speeds of up to 1 Gbps via Joytel’s lightning-fast network, The Rolling Stones will be connected to the fastest networks commercially available.

Joytel is excited to serve as the ISP to support The Rolling Stones and their production while here in Florida. This reaffirms the importance of providing commercial enterprises and large events with access to the fastest fiber and wireless services available in Florida to support event performers, guests, and crews.

About Us

Since 2004, Joytel has been striving to bring freedom of access and connectivity to Florida with high-quality fiber and wireless services for the world’s leading companies. These include universities, government, small business, finance, and healthcare organizations, and other large enterprises. Since then, our network experts have evolved into the leading communications infrastructure provider, with products such as high-performance connectivity, secure data centers, and flexible cloud infrastructure connectivity.


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Since 2004, Joytel has been providing the best internet service available in Florida at the speed of fiber.

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