More DrRecommendations Massage Chairs — LEAKED PHOTOS

Pictures of a SUPER MASSAGE CHAIR have been leaked by an insider and this has the internet filled with excitement. This stunning concept massage chair is being developed by They have been building massage chairs for over a decade and have now finally decided to lead the industry by building the World’s First Concept Massage Chair.

They call it, the Medical Breakthrough Concept 1. This concept massage chair boasts a modern-looking sphere with a surround sound system to get you into a relaxing tranquil state so you can easily fall asleep. You can play your favorite tunes in a surround system to maximize the most soothing experience.

It has hundreds of adjustable air cells to it. is known for having more air cells than any other company. Their Medical Breakthrough 8 Series massage chair has well over 100 air cells. This makes it one of the most comfortable massage chairs out there. With the help of hundreds of air cells, the massage chair will make sure that nearly every inch of your body gets an amazing sensual massage. This is bound to make you feel so relaxed that you might even fall asleep in your first session.

The next great thing about this futuristic massage chair is they have one of the most advanced foot massage systems ever built for any massage chair. It is based on their Medical Breakthrough 8 foot reflexology massage system and provides you with nothing less than a five-star foot massage. Every day, the most worked up part of your body is the foot as it has to bear all the weight and carry you throughout the day. This system provides you with a complete reflexology foot massage which will leave you fully satisfied after a long day of standing up.

It massages every inch of your foot in many different methods and is equipped with 3 rows of rollers which cover the complete sole of your foot. This advanced system also offers an Artificial Human Scraping Therapy Massage from your toes down to your heels which scrape the bottom of your feet to give you one of the best foot massages you will ever experience. What’s more is the reflexology foot massage system is equipped with some power lifts which can easily lift your feet off the ground to allow you to get a true sensation of being in space. The extravagance of this feature cannot be described and you have to see it to believe it.

The design is engineered so perfectly that the entire chair is balanced on 2 strong steel frames that hold the entire massage chair. It’s single, small leg perfectly balances the whole massage chair and is completely adjustable in any direction. It basically offers you with 360-degree adjustability so you can go beyond Zero Gravity and move the massage chair in any direction that you want.

Although DrRecommendations has made giant leaps into the future with this sci-fi massage chair, it is still just a concept. It basically is an amazing view of what’s to come in the future for massage technology. For those of you who do not want to wait for the future to come, most of the technology that is in this futuristic concept massage chair is already available. They have already developed Complete Reflexology foot massage and it is the first company to have developed Chiropractic BodyTwist, which twists your entire body from one side to the next. They have all of these features in their Medical Breakthrough 8 massage chairs.

So while the future concept massage chair may take years to come, you can still get all of the benefits by getting their Medical Breakthrough 8. With these amazing luxurious massage chairs at your home, you can use them whenever you want. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long stressful day.