How I Got Out Of My Safety Zone (2)

"I do not know, mom. I want to become a teacher, a writer, a music composer or maybe a singer. I am chasing the rainbow, aren’t I? But from the bottom of my heart, controlling my life and daring to follow dreams to the end are my destination.”

She did not say anything.

“ Did you remember, when I was a secondary school boy, studying abroad like a son of father’s friend always came in my dream and waked me up whenever I felt tired and dispirited. Up to now, I have still thought about it, some fire in my belly. Changing the living environment could help me to open my eyes and find out who I will become. Additionally, it is possible that another chance will come, lead me to the brighter and better place. Why not?”

She did not say anything but I could see the belief in her eyes although we talked by phone.

After that conversation, I took the plunge into the Master’s world by studying IELTS and besides, continued working hard to earn more money, of course, without being happy in workplace. Finally, after 3 months, I got IELTS score enough to apply successfully to some universities in Europe. I couldn’t forget the sensation when submitting resignation letter in order to leave the job, which had been my beloved destination. Freedom and light.

At that time, there was a quote stuck into my work station:

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

Yes, the new hello has just come suddenly, without happy smile and I had to begin again…


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