About the Project

We designed a first-person game where the user can experience VR on a Google Cardboard.

I was responsible for the research, design and front-end development of the application.

The duration of the project last 4 months and I was teamed with a developer to complete the project.

Why VR/ WebVR

WebVR is a more accessible technology compare to VR that requires a headset.

The number of people owning a phone is much more than people who own a VR headset. It is also easy to get a Google Cardboard in the market.

All the major browsers support WebVR, which makes it more available to users.

The idea of the application

This application is to align with the brand of FX Digital and showcases to users about the latest web development of the community. We made a game to engage users and creating custom A-frame components to expand on the effort of the A-frame community.

Initial sketch

The result of the application

This application is targeted to showcase the latest web technology and capabilities of WebVR. By looking into the engagement of the users and the interest from the audience, we would know the success of the application.

Showcasing on a tech talk

The users of the application

The users of the application were students, the general public who attended tech talks, designers and developers who are interested in VR technology, and clients of FX Digital who are thinking to enhance their brand through VR technology.

The conditions of users using the application

The application is used in school workshops teaching basic VR design, tech talk to introduce VR in web, company internal presentation for sharing knowledge and showcasing on meetup about VR technology. It will be used in a controlled environment so we can ensure the safety of the users.

More insights from the research:

Visual is important in VR experience. It makes the experience enjoyable, engaging and memorable for users.
Performance is another issue common in VR experiences. There are several ways we can improve and optimise the experience.

2. Ideation/ Concepting

We concept the ideas with the research of the existing WebVR experience, using a game design which emerges users, shooting behaviour in games and
movie styles with a space theme.

Mood board exploration

In this project, we learnt how to design for a WebVR experience

1. User journey of a VR experience

The environment that the user is at. Because the user will be immersed in the VR world, we need to consider if they are in a safe area to be immersed.

Also, how the user would start the experience. In this game, the user would start the game voluntarily and they can expect what they are getting into.

2. Sound effect of the experience

The sound would enhance the experience and also hint the users of their action. For example, in the game, when the user shoots a beam and hit a target, the sound indicates that they have succeeded.

3. The comfort of the user

During the research phase, we have come across guidelines which recommend applications to avoid involuntary movement of the users. However, this game is based on the experience of riding a roller coaster. So we do testing to ensure the experience isn’t too long for users to get nausea.

User flow

The flow outlining the major parts of the game
Screens flow
Screens design for the game

Product Designer


Product Designer