Day 1 Andela boot camp

It is yet another new dawn and as we know new dawns come with new beginnings. I am all set and ready to embark on this journey no giving up, no regrets as the tunnel might be dark but the end is always bright and rewarding.

On this day i have learnt to see challenges with a different perspective, they are now not just challenges but stepping stones to move ahead. The challenges i have met have made me push on, wanting to learn more and more by all the necessary means. They have given me an opportunity to grow as a person.

Today i have taught myself how to use material design and also implementing it. It has proved to be a challenge but it is conquerable since with just a little change of mindset, everything is really possible. That is now my new motto am going to abide in.

There are no failures just discoveries.

In the meantime, that will keep me going. Till next time. Adios

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