Day 3 Andela Boot camp

We do not grow when things get easy, we grow when we face challenges

This is yet another challenging day. Time flies because just today i realized i am falling behind in my challenges. That can happen when there is a lot to learn and a lot to implement. I thought that surely all this pressure will make me break but thanks to God I have not given up. My mind is now adapting to this new routine. It may require a lot of dedication and commitment but in the long run it is fun.

There have been the low and the high times. With the help of the LFA and my peers I still found myself in the journey learning, growing and most of all developing. I thought since i have learnt python it would be easy to generate the logic using the classes, unfortunately it came as a stumbling block. Being me of course it could not weigh me down so I made it a stepping stone and managed to go through it.

My LFA was quite helpful and encouraging. The feedback(s) i got from my score card later, were a motivating factor either that i was doing something right and where i had to improve on. I plan on improving on the areas pointed out so as to get better. The journey might be challenging but the heavier it gets it comes as a motivation. Till next time. Adios.

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