I call them family

As human beings we are all made as social being. In the Andela boot camp I have got a chance to interact with several of my fellow boot campers mostly online since we have not yet met in person. That has not been an hindrance though since in this 21st century almost all people have friends online even true friends who have had impact in their lives.

I have interacted with all the people in the process of working together, helping each other and basically just collaborating. My LFA Dennis is a great individual with an amazing personality. He is always there to help giving understandable feedback. He is also an understanding person always encouraging us to push on. The week would have not been any better without his input and availability.

There is also this great individual Sylvance. The guy is patient and always ready to help when someone is stuck. He is also an aggressive individual who is mostly working ahead which acts as a motivation. He is in love with astronomy and astrophysics which according to me is a cool field of study. I also learnt he loves playing tennis.

I also got to interact with Kihuyu Maina. From the conversations we have had here and there, he seems to have a great personality. The guy is a professional engineer, I call it fixing and breaking stuff. I also found out he is a book reader just like me , so that is one thing we have in common. And what i really found interesting, the he takes a 1 km swim every sunday. That is literally fitness defined.

Another person I have had a chance to interact with is Alfred who goes by Alfie. He has been a good addition to my social circle. He is patient and always giving help when he can. He is also down to earth never looking down upon anyone.

All these people have been with me through the way one way or the other. Thanks to all their additions.Till next time. Adios

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