He named me Joy!
Oct 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Give yourself time!

I adopted this new self care habit — coloring for mindfulness. It’s been amazing for a number of reasons — one is that I’m able to pause my thoughts and focus on this one thing at a time. This has been extremely enriching for me as I’m a recovering over thinker 😊. Two is that I have found an avenue to bring my creativity to life, and for a creative who is not able to bring out my expression visually or using my hands this is a perfect solution. It’s a space through which I am able to bring pieces of a puzzle together, hence putting my thinking into good use.

But the moral of this entire conversation is that this took time. Beautiful things take time. Unpacking your thoughts and feelings takes time. Growth takes time. Contentment and fulfillment takes time. The very same time that we seem to be bankrupt of in today’s world.

The impatience of it all 😔

I’ve heard it said that anything worth having requires time. And yet we live in an extremely impatient world. The pressures to ‘achieve’ and to ‘be successful’ are more than real. They are overwhelming! Everyone is under pressure to move, to do, to grow, to be something… anything but no one takes time to define this success. And so we co opt others’ dreams, others’ passions, others’ visions of success.We don’t have time to reflect and to ask ‘What is growth and progress for ME? What investments do I have to make to achieve MY SUCCESS?’. We rarely ask ‘What do I want and what works for me?’

Our collective conscious seems to have forgotten that there’s beauty in investing time, in process, in growth. And so I want us to go back to the good old days, to the old fashioned way of being where we treasured all these. Where we underscored the value of trusting the process. Where we understood the outcomes that we were working towards with the courage to be patient. Because patience takes courage.

So what do we do in a world full of pressure? What do we do in such an impatient world?

Well, we defy the odds. We go against the grain. We choose to be different. We choose delayed over instant gratification. We choose to embrace our growing pains. The awkward moments where we are not sure if we are moving forward or backwards. We choose to embrace the depressing moments where it feels like we are buried and not planted. We choose to learn from the falls, the failures and the stumbles. We choose to embrace our own evolution — to allow our values and principles to be refined, changed and developed over time. And we gather the courage to say I am different today than I was yesterday. The courage not to allow other people’s races to become our race. Courage to own our past, even when it’s not so rosy. And yes all this takes time.

We choose to be different, to admit that we don’t have it all together and maybe we will and may be we won’t figure it out. And well, we choose to define our own paths, and choose to chase those things that cause our spirits to light up.

Patience is not easy but it’s worth it.

Naturally being different is easy. Having patience in time and growth isn’t easy. And the process isn’t always glamorous, or fun, or enjoyable. It’s not always deep and life changing. In fact there are some significantly boring plateaus in there. But such is the journey of all the greats, all the outliers and all the individuals who have lived and continue to live lives contentment.

Contentment = a state of happiness and satisfaction

And now that we know that all beautiful things take time. And now that we know that the world is basically not on the same page as we are. My prayer for us all is to have the courage to work towards contentment. To give ourselves time. To appreciate that it will all take time. To give ourselves the permission to take our time and to invest the time needed to create beautiful things and indeed beautiful lives.

He named me Joy!

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