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Here are the top ways to grow your ecommerce business.
Boost your E-Commerce Business with the strategies

Whether it be your new business or a successful business running for quite a long while, getting more online business deals is profitable for every organization. The impact of COVID-19 has affected and incurred losses on the entire world and economy.

Unfortunately, this results in organizations experiencing drastic ups and downs in their businesses.

These things occur, however, don’t get disheartened. The E-Commerce market is expanding continuously, even after the COVID-19 impact worldwide.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty thinking of better approaches to get more clients and increment income, here are a few pointers that you can benefit from:-

Make a user-friendly website

Your website should be more flexible with displaying items, adding to cart, and with the checkout process. Ask your regular visitors, what exactly they want to see? Or How’s their experience with the website?

Speed up the entire process of searching, selecting, checkout, or payment options.

Choose the website colors very carefully, so that consumers feel comfortable while navigating through the sites.

Provide In-Depth information on the product for a better experience of the consumers.

Improve the site layout, while customer search for the item interested in the website, the results should show the related items too on which consumers can be interested in with different price range, brand, color, or design.

Improve your contact page, because most of the consumer loses their trust if they don’t find the appropriate contact no. or live chat option.

Maximize the offers and discounts

Nowadays, competition has increased for online sales, and many of the e-commerce companies offer lucrative offers on products.

Don’t worry about the profits, just improve the old prices and put them on the sale.

There are many discounts and offers you may showcase:

· Cash Discounts

· Percentage of Discounts

· Free Shipping

· Value-added offers

· Member-exclusive rewards

· Product package

· Gaining points and coins on each purchase

Target your existing customers

Have you heard about “Customer Retention Strategy”? Yes, you heard it right!

When businesses incur losses, the owners think — it’s because they don’t have enough customers. But this is just a misconception.

You should focus on your existing customers, instead of focusing all your effort on “new customer acquisition”.

People who are already familiar with your brand and having trust will do more purchases than new customers.

Reward your loyal customers

This is applicable for a one-year old business at least. The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on the past year of your business and think back to all the loyal customers who helped you grow and succeed.

After a year, this is the time to reward your loyal customers, who have purchased regularly from your website.

People like recognition, so celebrate your customer journey for the products they purchase throughout.

Ask for customer feedback, everyone loves to be consulted for their opinions. The opinion of your customers will provide you with information that could help determine a new service to release, a menu item to introduce, or a marketing tactic to try.

You may ask the questions in person or have a questionnaire ready for them etc.

Invite customers to a special event and provide a chance to speak about your product etc.

Offer a bonus, reward, or extra points for referring new customers.

Add multiple payment options

You may add different payment options to pay for the products and services on the website.

Make sure, you can accept the payment through debit card, credit card, Paytm, and other wallets including cash on delivery.

Most of the customers, who want to make a purchase but couldn’t is because they can’t find their primary payment method.

So, make sure to adapt to the new trends of the payment.

Making sure that your checkout process is simpler and more convenient, will help you to get more e-commerce sales.

Create promotions for weekends, occasion and holidays

There are plenty of promotions that can be created for customers on various occasions. All you need to do is:

Pick out a few major holidays for promotions over the course of the year, Identify major holidays.

Aim and identify, small occasions, or holidays that are relevant to your business or audience.

Check your calendar to make sure it allows you enough time to plan and execute, and that you are leaving enough space between promotions, review your calendar.

Plan out exactly what needs to happen to make your holiday promotion success in advance.

Showcase the Bestselling items

Navigate your customers through the website and help them to find the right products.

Show them the trending items and what people are buying the most.

On the website, these are often shown as “Bestseller”, “Trending” etc. so that when someone trips upon your site, they may get drawn to products that are popular.

If various products are sold at your site, it will be overwhelming for the new consumers.

You may also promote the products with higher margins. In a flawless world, your top-selling products are also your most profitable products, so try to make that happen if you make adjustments to increase profit margins.

Check on consumer’s habit of purchase

With the current situation of Covid-19, people will be preferring online shopping. Being an eCommerce owner, understanding your customer’s demographics can offer more personalized, relevant content because by knowing your customer’s interests — you can anticipate their future needs.

By analysing customer behavior, demographics help marketers better understand who a person is. This data can include information such as age, gender, education, location, lifestyle and purchase intent, etc.

Ask for consumer feedback/testimonials/reviews

Customer feedback can bring massive growth if collected and implemented properly to improve your products and services. So, keep on asking for their feedback, testimonials, or reviews on the product.

You may ask for the reviews or testimonials via thank you pages. Or when the customer makes the purchase or completes a download, thank you page could be sent via email along with social media links.

Video for more Engagement

The day by day increasing YouTubers and the stats of video views have been proving that people like and enjoy watching videos.

On the website, people spend 85% more time than the content. Now a day’s video ads are been too popular in increasing sales. Videos resonate with people, increase engagement, and make people remember what they have watched.

Using the videos on e-commerce is to make people’s lives easier and helps with the product setup, features can be well explained and how they can use it in their daily lives.

Videos appeal to more people and it works for the product’s looks, style, fashion, etc. Hence, it’s a perfect strategy to boost your sales 10x.

Utilize the Value Proportion

What makes customers visit your website? Not your location or contact detail, of course!

They want to check the products, so try to put more focus on the value.

What makes your product unique from similar products on the market. The headline of the product should capture customer attention!

Give a brief description of the product and mention its unique values. Highlight the product’s top features to grab customer attention.

If the value proportion of each product is outlined effectively, you’ll be able to drive 10X sales on your E-Commerce site.




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