Your ability to be curious, to be interested, ability to notice are the most important things you have. Nourish them.

Some time ago, during summer 2016, I was fortunate enough to spend three days with Michael Wolff. He was attending a conference in Bratislava and I happened to be his guide. The time with him, even though short, have influenced me greatly.

Together with Wally Olins, Michael co-founded one of the world’s most iconic brand consultancy. For over 50 years Wolff Olins has been helping to create and build some of the most powerful and purposeful brands around the globe.

From left Dominika, Michael, Malika, Bea in Bratislava, Slovakia (2016).

Besides being a designer, he is definitely a character with a tremendous amount of empathy, curiosity and appreciation of people…

Jozef Simo

Product Design @BeMyEyes. Find me @jozef_simo

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