Why Am I Drawn To Sadness?

Into the Wild. Photo by Jo Zhouzheng
“Why do you read such sad stories?”, you looked puzzled. 
 “I guess I like stories that have emotional depth and intricacy.” — this wasn’t a well-thought-out answer.

I’m always so gravitate toward melancholy and heavyhearted art — movies, fictions, music, photography… and seek to gain a deeper understanding of struggles and longings of human being. This comes so natural me that I’ve never consciously attempted to explain.

Not until recently did I start to wonder — why exactly am I so drawn to human’s wounds and heartbreaks, and find melancholy so beautiful? I think the most profound insights of human nature only emerges in darkness, sadness and hidden brokenness.

Brokenness is the gateway to the deepest region of one’s psyche. It lies in your deep heart where pretentiousness dies and only elements of truth are present. The most profound light of realizations only come through the cracks in your broken heart. And only by immersing oneself in darkness can one see the light.

Yet most people try to hide the dark side of their stories. But I want to hear them and touch them dearly — there’s raw beauty embedded in those stories, which reveal humanity in its entirety.

Only by being fully open and let yourself be vulnerably seen and loved, and let others’ pain penetrate your heart, can one claim that you’ve experienced life deeply and with clarity.

To embrace life’s imperfection, and to love and understand each others’ suffering.

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