The Devil and I

I walked into the den of sin and left my wings at the door,
I smirked and waved the devil off when he asked me what I’d come for 
“You walked into my home; why don’t you want me to visit yours?
Maybe I can take some of your minions as my angels have become your whores”
The devil tipped his head in salute, “still cheeky young one, when will you ever learn,
You fix and you preach, and you love them till you think they’re right and then they turn,
You offer promises of better days, I offer them instant comfort, and you wonder why you don’t win?
You attempt to wake up the dormant angel, have you ever thought to kill the devil that lies within?”
The devil smirks and turns his back, he’s had his say and drank his fill,
But I taunt him gently “you call yourself a king, the weakling praying on the weaker still?
I’d offer my respect to a job well done, but hypocrisy no longer runs in my blood,
Who would respect the man who strikes gold while bathing in the mud,
You feed on their bad luck and crow when desperation makes them act,
You are simply the product of weakness, and you still glorify that pitiful fact”
I know I’ve gone too far when the room is pitched into flames as the devil takes his true shape
And in the depth of his blazing eyes I see his victims, I see hatred, I see murder, I see rape
“Don’t push me little one, you seem to think you’re in the clear,
Let me paint you a little picture, listen well and take heed my dear,
I’ll get your loved ones, make them hurt you and hate you through no fault of your own,
I’ll turn the world into a vicious place, I’ll let evil infest their bodies and bury it to the bone,
And then when you break under the rule of hate, I’ll welcome you to my house,
I’ll even let you pick the one you want to save as a reward, my little mouse.”
I feel my fear abating replaced by the steady simmer of anger and aversion,
I smile slightly, “remember I’ve seen your hell, I was born into its worst version,
You threaten me with a flashback of your glory days and expect to quiver and cower,
You underestimate the resiliency of a rose that grew out of the cracks of your fungus infested tower.

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