A Brief History of the UX Philippines Community

(And UXPhilippines.com)

“Uh, what the hell is UX?”

“Help! Where are the UX people in the Philippines?”

A PWDO group photo back from 2009

“I never called myself that.”

“If UX is not what we were doing in Web Design, then what was it?”

Some Members of the Original Usability Philippines. From Left to Right: Bhrein Salazar, Jennifer Gutierrez, Allan Caeg, Dr. Rose Seva, Ron Polancos, Ely Apao

“Let’s build this community and call it Usability Philippines.”

Allan Caeg hosted the sessions for Usability Philippines.
Julius Charles Serrano, Research Director of Even Grounds Accessibility Consulting, shared his ideas about “Usability for Persons with Disabilities”. He is visually impaired.
Melissa Limcaoco, Group Head of Smart’s Digital Marketing in 2011, discussed “How to use Digital Media effectively for Campaigns.” He gave a talk on the online campaign for PNOY (Philippine President)

“Content first.”

Andrei Gonzales, Communication Designer and Co-founder of Hugo Manila (2011) where he practiced Identity, Information and Interactive Design. He talked about “Unschooled: Transforming the Way We Learn.” in the World Usability Day Celebration.
March, 2012: The original Usability Philippines (UPH) logo.
March 2013: The first Usability Philippines Bar Meetup. From left to right: Rebecca Harvey,Allan Caeg, Mica De Rivera, Rico Sta. Cruz
July 2013: Micael giving a talk for one UXPH Session in Sulit.com.ph (Now OLX.ph)

“UPH is now UXPH.”

The UXPH branding designed by Andrei Gonzales
IMMAP conducted an “I LOVE UX” workshop in 2014
At the Cebu UXD community.
UXMNL became popular for bringing in foreign speakers to the Philippines. Left to right: Kristin Low, Russell Morgan, Patti Hunt, Phil Smithson.
ChristineBalatbat talks about UX in the PWDO FFC Conference
Left to Right: Birdie, Pam and Diego of Curiosity.ph.

“My favorite UXPH meetup was the visit to Curiosity.ph”

“Whitney Hess is a credible UX coach and speaker. I think we can bring her here.”

“One condition.”

“We can’t turn anyone away even if the venue is full.”

“Keynote speaker, Whitney Hess unable to participate.”

Whitney Hess during her workshop at the UXPH 2014 Conference
The UXPH Conference in 2014 featured a number of speakers from different fields.
A UXPH Meetup in Microsoft Philippines.
UXMNL had their UX Summit in May 2015
Micael and Samantha Chan teaching UX to students
Curiosity Design Research promotes an Urban Design Festival

“I’ve finally found the UX Community.”

Customer Experience Head for one of the biggest PH Conglomerates: JGSummit. Founder of UX Philippines. Former UX manager in OLX.ph & US Auto Parts Inc.

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