Convincing Stakeholders through visual design fundamentals & metrics.

What are Journey Maps & Service Design Blueprints?

Applying Persuasion & Analytics to convince stakeholders of your value as part of the user/customer experience team

How to publish your story with a Philippine online design publication on Medium and speak to an audience of more than 3000+ Philippine-designers.

What is UXPH?

Our local UX community asked this question many times. What skills do they need if they want to go into the CX/UX career? To answer it, we invited 50 or more design professionals and enthusiasts together in one of our events.

What do you do?

We asked UX professionals what they did and had them write it on a post it note.

Affinity Map Your Sticky Notes

Ely Apao

Customer Experience Head for one of the biggest PH Conglomerates: JGSummit. Founder of UX Philippines. Former UX manager in & US Auto Parts Inc.

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